Why you need to start juicing

Start Juicing Now!

I am proud and excited to say that Philadelphia is finally becoming obsessed with GREEN. In the past Philly has embraced the green associated with recycling and a self sustaining lifestyle as well as the green associated with our beloved Philadelphia Eagles...but this isn't the green I am talking about. I'm talking about the green healthy veggie drinks and smoothies seen popping up all around our city.

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Fresh Local Produce

Every great meal starts with fresh ingredients. Be sure to stop by the Reading Terminal to see what local treasures are available today!


Did You Know?

Fruit and vegetables are gluten free. Those who suffer from Celiac's Disease can eat all produce without worry.

fresh, local apples

Produce Spotlight


When you support Pennsylvania farmers, you are reinvesting in the local economy, helping to preserve the environment and ensuring that your family is eating healthy, nutritious, and fresh produce. Food right from the farm tastes better, too!

Benefits of Buying LOCAL

Whenever possible, Iovine Brothers buys locally. You can find local items in our store by looking for the LOCAL icon (above) on our product signs.

There are several great reasons to buy local. In addition to being fresher and tastier, locally grown produce is often a great deal.

Check out the daily specials in our outermost aisle and see what bargains we have in store for you!

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Fresh Produce, Awesome People!

We don't take our jobs lightly. We know that when you stop by Iovine Brothers Urban Produce Market, you're depending on us to help you select the finest produce for your family's table.

Our shirts don't say "staff." They say "produce guide" because we want you to count on us to answer your questions and steer you in the direction of wholesome, healthy, nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables.

Our goal at Iovine Brothers Urban Produce Market is to deliver a variety of fresh, affordable produce to the people of the Philadelphia region. Equally as important to us is building lasting relationships with our valued customers.