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Benefits of BuyingLOCAL

Whenever possible, Iovine Brothers buys locally. You can find local items in our store by looking for the LOCAL icon (above) on our product signs. There are a number of benefits to buying locally:

  • Fresher – Much of the food on supermarket shelves was picked several days before it ever gets shipped. The freshest food travels the shortest distance.
  • Tastier – Fresh produce translates into tasty produce – crispy with lots of flavor.
  • More Nutritious - Since local produce is sold right after it's picked, it retains more nutrients.
  • Supports local economy – Invest your money in the Philadelphia region. We support local farms, which sustain area growers and beautiful agricultural landscape for the next generation.
  • Helps the environment – Shipping and fuel costs are minimized when you buy locally. The average distance food travels is 1500 miles. Buying locally helps conserve energy.
  • Cost – Without the cost of transportation and preservatives, locally grown produce is often a great deal. Check out the daily specials in our outermost aisle and see what bargains we have in store for you!
  • Variety – Eating local produce that is in-season means that you eat a wide variety of foods throughout the year.

Local Farms

Taste the Freshness! Iovine Brothers Urban Produce Market is proud to support local farms. Not only are we helping the economy in the Philadelphia region, but our customers know that it's miles and miles fresher.

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